My research focuses on areas that are related to the concept of the Network as Labyrinth. Important buildings, routes, elements of modern folk culture, galaxies, city personalities and images, city sounds as waveforms, drawings and figures, are linked and presented in Collages / Grid / Network / Labyrinth.

The theoretical field of study includes the transatlantic network of artists of Greek origin who worked in New York from 1950 to 1980. Particular importance is given to the artists' own words, documented in the American or Greek press. The connections between the artists I have selected as the most important involve the elements of “Greekness” that they themselves embody in their work. Ancient Greece, Byzantium, Folk Culture, create the basic network of relations between the artists and their country of origin. 
Due to the political situation in Greece (dictatorship), few Greek artists choose to refer to such elements, which are perceived with hostility (within Greece).

On the contrary, American artists of Greek origin, devoid of any guilt and participating in the political situation only as spectators, are free.


Personal Works (2006-2019):

AUTO-PORTRAITS (2007 to 2009) are black and white ink drawings that build a sculptural space as a network-installation.

INVENTED METROPOLISES / Radar (2009 to 2015) is a painting mapping of urban networks. Flow streams and buildings appearing on a small scale (eg Blue Building Exarcheia, Kapnikarea church, family house in Kyparissia), reveal human activity in the landscapes of the human mind. The network refers to the image of cerebral synapses while depicting a human emotion or a remembrance of memory, in the aggression of the modern urban environment. Time and space are not recorded linearly, but as Rhythm, Mass, or Labyrinth.

In the FACE-SCAPES / EYEWITNESSES section (2014 to 2016) the grid of lines refers to labyrinthine portraits of transparent people that are structured by lines. The color is chosen according to the human feeling depicted.

The Athens by Sight installation (2011) consists of a grid / collage with processed photos of damaged and vandalized Athens road signs. The images were collected in a Facebook group with the same title.

In the METRONOMOS / Junction-Disjunction series (2015-2017), Rhythm is recorded on the basis of the waveforms produced by Sound, with Color characterizing the auditory experience of the human brain. The different sensitivity of the ear to the reception of sound at different frequencies translates into images that appear in modern technology of sound analysis and synthesis. This section includes video projects whose frames are scanned watercolor designs and computer edited.

ASTRO MAPS (2017-2019) include either watercolor thumbnails, or large-scale mixed-art projects that refer to Nebulas, Galaxies, and stellar clusters. The network exists as a result of composing different images in multipliers.

THREE DIMENSIONS CONSTRUCTION AND PLATONIC SOLIDS (2010-2016) The dodecahedron symbolizes the ether. The links of materials that make up the three-dimensional maze network are pliable and removable.





Eleanna Martinou