Solo Exhibition at Lexi Logos Center

History is written by everyday people and involves trivial moments, rather than great leaders or the occasional authorities. The network which connects the inner vision and the bodily record constructs a new mechanism from the bottom up, whose temporality is no longer linear. Within that framework, the individual gets connected to the whole and to the market and the new society emerges devoid of supreme principles; the only principle is the market itself. On the one hand, there are stages of emergence of the work of art / network; on the other, images / photographs / documents of the Protagonists. The Prosopon now creates a Republic through a mesh of trajectories and superimposed layers. This Republic consists of the lines suggestive of the traces and events created by each Prosopon, through its presence and its partaking in the making of history. The Body of the Metropolis is the aggregate of the Prosopa dwelling there, shaping it through the flux of time. It is molded inside the non-linear continuum of time. The nexus of the trajectories, the choices of the Prosopon and the chance encounters between humans, emerges through superimposed layers of documents (photographs, newspaper clippings, film stills).