Private View, Ennea9_Athens_2014


A Trilogy of 3 parallel shows presenting fresh & relevant art produced in Greece today



9 ΕΝИΕΑ: 9 Keas St., Koliatsou Square, Athens, Greece

Curated by: Alexandra Kollaros, Sarah Ettlinger, Christos Tolis

Produced by: artAZ

Opening:  Wednesday 3 December 2014, 20:00

Duration: 4 December 2014 - 15 January 2015

Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday – Saturday, 17:00 – 21:00, or by appointment


artAZ is delighted to present Private View – an art trilogy consisting of 3 parallel exhibitions, mounted respectively by three independent curators. The shows complement one another and, together, bring to light the diversity and coherence of contemporary creative disciplines. Figurative & abstract painting, Urban & Street Art, Drawing, Sculpture, Video – the various different art forms coexist under a borderline experimental co-curation, that highlights the importance of creative dialogue.

The venture marks the launch of 9 ΕΝИΕΑ, a new cultural space on the fringe of the Athenian center.


Private View unfolds over 3 levels, with each level hosting a different presentation. Allowing a look at a curator’s perspective, the 3 shows eventually intersect, mapping the landscape of contemporary Greek art production.

«Βοοm!», curated by Alexandra Kollaros

The space’s ground level resembles an art playground for adults and is intended as a not-necessarily-lyrical- ode to the mystique of art. Breaking the barriers between different art forms & styles and defying categorization, the tight curatorial presents art that hits you in the face, aiming to enhance artistic experience to the maximum. The collection of works constitutes the curator’s visual “Greek best of”.

«Drawing – A Thought Line», curated by Sarah Ettlinger

The curatorial is presented in the space’s upper level, and focuses on works that emphasize Line-Form-Emotion. The curator has selected a variety of works that use linear techniques to focus upon the aesthetic, emotional and intellectual. The selected artists approach drawing in a very different way, addressing different issues. The connecting factor is that all the works are reliant on line to convey the thought or meaning.

«The Dungeon», curated by Christos Tolis

The space’s lower level – a dark «underworld» hosting mixed media works in an unexpected set-up - suggests an experiential approach to art. The curator has opted for works that communicate through their transcendental undertone and doesn’t neglect to employ a refined sense of irony to complement his subversive approach. A restless art dream or –depending on the viewer’s point of view- nightmare.


One could argue that artistic dialogue is what lies at the core of the exhibition: conversations between different artists, artworks, art forms and –of course- between the three curators. The curator’s role is paramount in this case: he assumes the role of almighty selector. The quest is about attaining harmony and aesthetic uplifting by employing antithesis, while a documentation of contemporary artistic practice is attempted through the presentation of current and relevant works. The exhibition results from the collaboration of a large, dynamic group of people, active in different creative fields, highlighting the importance of productive interaction. Even the space’s address –a not-so-obvious- urban location – is deliberately selected in order to further enhance the imperative of incorporating art into daily life.

All of the above are very much the case and, to a great extent, key in determining the end visual result. At the core of the show however is the desire to focus on quality art, devoid of theoretical or otherwise pretence and limitations. It is a simple statement: to bring the viewer in direct contact with great art produced in Greece today.


Private View presents a diverse line-up of Athens-based, Greek and International artists, proficient in their fields and prolific in their work regardless of the blockades. 

(Boom!) Anna Maneta, Argiris Saraslanidis (SER), Constantine Vraziotis, Eleanna Martinou, Esek_one, Giorgos Litzeris, Giorgos Tserionis, Ismini Bonatsou, Kostas Lavdas, Manolis Iliopoulos (Rtmone), Mariana Cute, Nadia Stasinou, NAR, Nikos Kanarelis, Petroula Krigou, Same84, Simoni Fontana, Sofia Fotiadou, Vassilis Karakatsanis

(Drawing – A Thought Line) Eleni Kotsoni, Giorgos Tserionis, Gregos Theopsy, John Bicknell, Sarah Ettlinger, Yiannis Christakos

(The Dungeon) Christos Tolis, Esek_one, Fedra Charda, Giorgos Tserionis, Natassa Ioannou, Nikos Giavropoulos, Vassilis Karouk