Solo exhibition at the National Observatory of Athens

HYADES by Eleanna Martinou were presented in the National Observatory of Athens in Thisseio, in the room where the Doridis telescope is housed.

34 miniatures were presented : They are the stars that make up the group of Yades, which in Greek mythology mean rain stars. The transformation of the Yades into a constellation is attributed to their sorrow for the death of their brother Hyanda, probably by snake bite. After his death, they began to cry incessantly. Then the Gods pitied them and transformed them into stars. The unity of Yades paintings consists of designs with ink on bamboo paper. The image is derived from superimposed surfaces, with a process in which water is a structural element.

Duration : 6.4 - 30.6.2019
Curated by Niki Papaspirou, art historian
Organisation : Fiori-Anastasia Metallinou, astrophysicist

Click below to download the exhibition text (Greek) by Niki Papaspirou