My Imaginary Homeland

Group Exhibition at The Loft, Athens

The journey of the turtle.

The journey of the turtle is an art project on the spawning grounds of the Caretta Caretta sea turtle and the mapping of sea routes. Perpetual circle of different life forms, delicate and tractable balance. The meeting points are the stations: They form a network of constellations shimmering on the sea. On the Gulf of Kyparissia, the Archelon environmental activists fence the turtle nests in the sand with protective reeds; box / dwelling / cage of reeds and documents from the natural habitat of Kyparissia Gulf. A circle of life transformation without food, a place of exchange of energy and flowing images, form, light, day and night.

The project includes:

a. Mapping the sea route through painting (water, ink, paper)

b. 3-dimensional construction with reeds, string, pieces of wood washed ashore. The 3-d mesh alludes to the archetype of the nest and evokes the feeling of enclosure in the box / dwelling / cage from where must escape the newborn turtles eager to survive.

c. Edited documents (personal photo and video archive) from the natural habitat of Kyparissia Gulf. Digital projection, transmission of locally recorded sounds.