Solo Exhibition at Batagianni Gallery

Batagianni Gallery presents the works of Eleanna Martinou under the title RADAR. The opening is on Wednesday February 1st and works will be on display until Saturday March 3rd 2012.

Eleanna Martinou's painting depicts the condition of habitat in our time, one of infinite urban landscape, informal construction, nomadism and pointless drift. Dense layers of color which contain vertiginal fragmented images of the Contemporary Metropolis, violent gestures on the canvas and a narrativity reminiscent of science fiction constitute the artistic place and manner. It is an attempt of Mapping Chaos, a Radar recording turbulent and delirious sensations.

Duration: February-March  2012
Iraklitou 3 / Kolonaki / Athens 

Click below to download the exhibition text by Thanassis Moutsopoulos